Langley Park Cricket Club

Langley Park Cricket Club refit by New Wave Furniture Langley Park Cricket Club refit by New Wave Furniture

At Langley Park Cricket Club we refurbished both the bar and the lounge in the clubhouse.

In the bar area we carefully chose the right shade of brown crib 5 leather to re-cover the tub chairs to match the existing brown leather sofas, replacing all the foam and springs on each chair.

Also, we re-covered the smaller side chairs and cube stools in red and cream leather again replacing the all the foam and the webbing on these items.

To go in both the bar and the lounge we upholstered some high bar stools in leather to fit in to both the rooms decor. 

In the lounge area we re-covered the fixed bar seating in a half faux leather ( on the seats ) tho match the tub chairs and settees in the bar area, and half fabric ( on the backs and headrests ).

After we stripped down the old fabric off the seating we replaced the old broken springs and fixed the broken framework. We then replaced the foam on both the seats and backs. Then set back to re-upholstering it back to new to replacing it back into the lounge. 

After we replaced it back into place we cut new kick boards and plinths finishing it of to be painted.

The chairs in the lounge were re-upholstered in the same material as the backs on the seating, but the low square stools were upholstered in matching fabrics from the same colour range.